Binding with a flange

I found a tutorial for making binding with a flange last week that was just AWESOME!!! I want to share it with you; so here is the link:

When I saw this tutorial; I shared it with my friends on Facebook. I had forgotten to “save” the link in a bookmark so had to go search and search through a zillion Facebook posts until I found it. NOW…it is safely stored on my Yahoo bookmarks.

I knew that this binding would be the perfect finish to my quilt I am currently working on. It took me about an hour to cut and make this binding. I needed 14 strips (I needed about 300″), 7 red, and 7 blue. The blue is my main color, and it was cut at 1.5″. The instruction are very clear about how to join your binding in the usual manner on the diagonal so you end up with one long strip of red, and one long strip of blue.

Anyway….a little bit of ironing; a little bit of stitching; and wa-la….here is what you get for your effort…..

Blue binding with a red flange

Blue binding with a red flange

That is a sturdy cardboard tube from a roll of kitchen wrap the binding is wrapped around…keep it from wrinkling I hope while I get ready to attach it today!

SEW TICKLED with the way the binding turned out! Be sure to check out the tutorial…as this is a NO HANDSTITCH process…and that is something I LOVE!


8 thoughts on “Binding with a flange

  1. I love this technique. The first time I used it on a donation quilt as an experiment, I was so pleased with how it turned out, I kept the quilt to use as a wall hanging. It’s going to look great on your project. Can’t wait to see!


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