Pat Sloan: Massive Show and Tell

Well; as always, I like to enter contests….and so far this year I have won 2…so lets keep that streak alive, shall we?

How about this one from Pat Sloan for a lovely prize package of her new line of fabric Bobbins and Bits – which is not even in the stores yet!!

So, now; go enter on her blog and be sure to post about your “first quilt”…..

Here is what I wrote on her blog about my “first” attempt —

“My first “quilt” was for my first grandchild! I figured if MY mother could make a quilt for a grandchild, I could make one!! It was NOT pretty….or really a quilt! I got a panel of fabric; and backed it with red satin. It did have batting. I finished it with satin binding and TIED it with blue ribbon. Well, when the grandson was 2, I was given the task of rebuilding the quilt. And in those two years, I had learned a lot. So, it got ZEBRA stripe for the back…why…well, the front was Noah’s Ark….and I did a MUCH better job finishing it too. When the grandson was 3 I made him a “big boy quilt” for his twin bed complete with 1/2 square triangles. I’ve come a long way !! :)

Do you want to see a photo? (You know I am full of pictures with my projects!!)


Ok; so I am a miserable failure at remembering the specifics….when I went back to look at the photo; I realized that the one I “rebuilt” was FLEECE and Satin; tied with blue ribbon. Now, this was before I owned a rotary cutter and mat….so forgive my lack of “straight” on this quilt. I believe I borrowed my husbands trusty FRAMING tools…some big L shaped metal thing that was really long…..hey…you use what you got, right?

So; Here are the blocks for my grandson’s quilt which took me nearly a year to make!! Love those 1/2 square triangles !! Really…I do. For some reason there are no finished pictures, but, hey; what you get is what you get.  That quilt was a JOY to make!!  and I actually brought it home last year and took out all the ties; and QUILTED it. !!  (And repaired a few spots along the way!!)  Next time I have it, I WILL take front and back photo’s…but considering how well I fixed it up the last time…it might be a few years!  This is also the first quilt I used my OWN binding on!!!  So many firsts today….but more about that later….


nicks quilt (3)

nicks quilt (5)

So, I have come a long way in a short bit of time; being taught mostly by my friend Kristin up to the point that I worked on this quilt.  It sure has been a lot of fun, and I am GLAD that I am not working at the dining room

table any more, and laying quilts out on the living room rug!! Oh, I have come a long way with my quilting room all set up like a pro….now, I better fix dinner and go out and tidy up the mess I left out there!!

Sew fun! (oh crumb…there goes the smoke alarm…..seriously…..porkchops…MELODY knows how I am with them….)

2 thoughts on “Pat Sloan: Massive Show and Tell

    • Good Morning Judy! First of all…I hope you are not freezing at your garden sale.
      To answer your question…no I have never posted about my quilt room…..I will do that once I finish the current quilt and CLEAN UP the mess…..I have stuff everywhere…but more about that when I write the post! (I will take some photo’s to share). Thanks for the idea…it nudges a thought or two about tidying up~!~!~!


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