Progress report!

Pin basted at church

Pin basted at church

I have been working pretty much non stop since Tuesday morning on my BOXER quilt. Got the pieces back together, and took it church on Tuesday afternoon and pin basted it. I was able to get the quilting started while I worked with my group at church. It’s always nice to have a few ideas bounces around when it comes to “how would you quilt this?”. I spent most of Wednesday quilting too. In fact, since my husband had a meeting after dinner, I went back out and sewed until 10:30 pm. I was getting saddle sore from being in the sewing chair for almost 8 hours straight. Still have lots more to do to get the quilting done, but I am going to work on it again this afternoon!

My friend Krisin was working on borders for a quilt she was making for a nephew. She is a half/square triangle fan, and does LOTS of quilts using them. In fact, when she gets going making HST she makes so many, she always has a stash of ready made squares. This quilt below, came totally from her stash! I recognized the pieces immediately. She had made a quilt for one of her sons with the same squares! The fun of the half square triangles is you can do SO many patterns and get so many different looks.  The blue stripe border makes me dizzy, not sure I could bind this quilt!

Kristin's quilt for her nephew

Kristin’s quilt for her nephew


I have to ADMIT….I did take a break this week and “play” again with my embroidery machine. I found a great source where I can download 3 free designs each week, so I went looking for something I could use on a bookmark. One of my great nieces had her CONFIRMATION at church two weeks ago, and I wanted to make a little something special for her. So, when I found the design, I got busy and got stitching.

bookmark for Lexie

bookmark for Lexie

So, that was fun to make! The design is called the Luther Rose or Luther Seal, and is very symbolic for Lutherans. Had to change the colors from what the “designer” used. I knew something was “off” from what I was seeing on the embroidery website, and I had to double check, and make the proper changes. The heart has to be red, not pink. The cross has to be black, not gold. Otherwise, the designer did a beautiful job I think.

More stitching to come today….


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