PRINTING on FABRIC & Working on the back

Well; you know about my “mistake” on the quilt front……I have managed to “pick out” the stitches all around the upside down block (really a whole row)….now I just need to get busy and reinsert it. That is the plan for today!

But, I was so annoyed with myself I could not face it for a couple of days!!  Hate when that happens.  I did, however, spend my time productively.

I experimented with printing on my own fabric using the freezer paper method.  It worked GREAT!!!  I have used the commercially available products in the past, but last year my quilt instructor, Edwina,  at Serendipity Quilt Shop told me about this method.  Basically she said “GOOGLE IT” …so I did.   I found lots of information about how to do the process; ordered the Bubble Jet wash and Bubble Jet Rinse products too….  I think I have about $20 invested in the Bubble products.  I’ve had them sitting on the shelf, just waiting for me to use them.

When I decided to try this over the weekend, here is what I did…..

I cut the fabric and the freezer paper to 8.5 x 11 “.  I ironed the fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper; brought it to the printer and put ONE piece  in the paper tray.  My printer pulls from the bottom tray, and I have to load it fabric side down.  (I learned a long time ago to put an X on the top piece of paper and see which side it printed on.  )

I set my printing options to the HIGHEST quality PHOTO settings…the maximum DPI.  Takes a LOT of ink, and it prints REALLY slow…but the quality is awesome.

I was so excited about doing this, I skipped the Bubble JET WASH process…..But I did the RINSE when I was finished and hung the piece to dry on a hanger.  I went ahead; after the fact and washed two more pieces of fabric, just to see how they turn out.  I think I will try to print on them later in the week.

Anyway; without further ado….below is the picture of what I printed.


This first message was written by the family who asked me to make this quilt.

message on fabric print 2

The Farmer family asked me to tell a little about myself and the making of the quilt, so this message is what I wrote.

Below is the setting for both messages.


I decided to use some of the remaining fabric used  on the front of the quilt to set the block for the message.

I have since stitched it down to the flannel quilt back…..hoping it is near center!!

Off to put to the  upside down piece “right side up”….

Happy Sewing!


6 thoughts on “PRINTING on FABRIC & Working on the back

  1. As I sit here with eyes full of happy tears, I wish I could reach out and give you a warm hug. I can’t do that but I can say you have done something so special for this little boy it can’t be measured. I can see his children and their children treasuring this very special quilt. Thanks also for explaining how you printed on the fabric.


    • Oh Avis it was a challenge fixing that block in the middle of the quilt, but I took it in small steps over several days…..The hardest part was putting it back together! Little tiny steps….but it is in, and secure. Now it is time to quilt it.


  2. This is how I do all my labels, too. I bought a new printer and it was continually smudging ink onto the fabric, so I played around with the paper settings–telling the printer I was using a “thick matte photo paper” and lo and behold–no smudging. I don’t if I just got lucky, or if that solved the problem, but I’ll figure it out on the next quilt label. I did a test with my two different printers–a laserjet and my Epson inkjet, and put the labels through the wash several times in a mesh bag. The Epson inks held up better than the laser jet, which surprised me. I, too, have the two bottles of Bubble Jet Set, but have never used them, since I do the freezer-paper-iron-on method as well. Glad this worked for you!


    • I had one “smudgy” label, and decided to reprint. 2nd one was nice and clean. I think the Bubble Jet wash is supposed to remove any sizing etc from the fabric; and the “set” is to set the ink. I iron after the printing, even with the commercial products to “set” the ink. Going to do more testing with photo’s this summer. See if there is a difference with & without the products; print some photo’s and wash the heck out of them in the regular washer.


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