Yikes….the mistake JUMPS out at me!

So; why is it you can’t see the mistake when you stare at something for days and days and weeks and weeks….???

I was just posting a photo of my Memorial Quilt to the Aurifil Flickr group, and all of a sudden —

Boy oh boy did it just JUMP out at me….do you see it???

Center section; 3rd row..wpid-2013-05-11_13-29-42_885.jpgdo you see it????

The blue “frame” has the top piece reversed….

And of course, the borders are on….I was getting ready to put the quilt together……guess I better get out the seam ripper….grrrrr….


15 thoughts on “Yikes….the mistake JUMPS out at me!

  1. I refrained from hitting the ‘like’ button because I couldn’t. I had a square done with two of the pieces going in the wrong direction. I never saw it but my daughter just glanced at it and noticed it. Yes, my ripper came out also in order to correct it. Good luck – if someone can do it and have it not be noticeable it will be you I’m sure.


    • In this case, I don’t think I could “leave” it. If it was a “random” looking pattern, then maybe…but this is really a “frame” setting. So, thankfully; I had not layered the quilt yet and started the quilting process. Also, I am making this for someone else to give; and want it to be my best work. I spent the day getting the backing ready; stitching on a little red quilt label (previous post) and making a label that tells the recipient about why the quilt was made. So, I think that extra time gave me the opportunity to see the error. 😦 (Really thankful I saw it now instead of at the binding point.)


  2. Don’t you just “love” doing the frog stitch???? I’m sorry you had to rip out. I hope you are just taking that one piece out and not ripping the whole thing. It’s not that hard to just unsew one piece, it’s just time consuming and tedious. Hang in there, friend!


  3. I didn’t see it first time but, like you, once I’ve spotted a mistake I can’t leave it alone. It will be worth putting it right. I’s still gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂 Avis x


  4. that has happened to me! but with yours it still took me a while to see it. I had to open the photo in a new page to see it larger. I think it still looks great!


  5. I think every project I have done contains something I wish I could change, but for the most part I just have to let them go. I’m with you in this case though, I doubt I could leave it. I will say I didn’t notice it in your previous post and couldn’t find it for a good minute in this one (I had to take your hint to find it).


    • I really think our EYES see what we “expect” to see…not what is really before us! (Living with rose colored glasses). Thankfully, God gave me patience over mulitiple days to fix the problem!


    • What did you do to fix it?? I have my block in the center of the quilt “unstitched”; and now I am getting ready to press all those seam allowances and try to reinsert it! Wish me luck!


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