Finished the top – THE BOXER – :)


I have “finished” the top !!!  Now to work on the back.

I dug through my stash and found SIX beautiful yards of sky blue flannel

with little “wisps” of white….kind of like clouds.  So, that is perfect.  Since it is 45 wide, I will have to piece it, but NO problem!

Got the flannel washed this afternoon and it laying back on the table in the sewing room.  Tomorrow morning I think I will get out the ruler

and make those selveges disappear and  piece the back.

I had the most FUN this afternoon playing with my embroidery machine. You know I made the initial block and the little airplane block for the

front of this quilt already.  I had an e-mail discussion with Judy @ about “importing designs” from the web to the

Brother Embroidery machine and how I was doing it.  I promised her I would do a test this afternoon, to ensure my process was accurate as I had described it to her.

Well….without further ado….here are the results:


I made my FIRST ever quilt label.  I used a scallop frame I downloaded from Brother; then added the little airplane that I downloaded from another site.  I finished it up with

the words, fonts that were already in the machine.  I used the smallest setting for the letters and the overall size is 4″ x 4″.    I used a piece of fusing to  mount my red fabric to the

medium weight stabalizer.  The red fabric was already cut in a 6 ” square and my frame for the machine is about  5″ x 7 ” .  I will fold the edges under and stitch this on the back of the

quilt I believe.  Anyway; I am THRILLED that I made something useful with the embroidery machine I won!  If I had not put the little airplane on it, I could have probably written about the

pattern and designer.  Maybe I will make another…hmmm….meanwhile, time to make some dinner…the hubby is starving!

Notes:  CREDITS go to Aurifi l Designer Block of the Month;  March 2013: The Boxer Block by Jeni Baker @ In Color Order (note:  For any questions email: Visit for more patterns and tutorials. Visit for more block tutorials.  © 2013 Jeni Baker, In Color Order LLC.


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