One to go


Progress report…..Well; got 3 out of four borders on today.  Stopped at 3 because I was having a brain fade when it came to measuring the last border.  (Should be exactly like the top border…but hey…the brain quit!)

So; instead of letting my brain get the best of me, I decided to work on the USAF patches.  In the top BLUE cornerstones are Senior Airman stripes. One in each of the top corners. In the Blue squares at the middle of the border are Airman First Class stripes on each side.  In the red sashing,  in the middle column, you will see a name tape that says KING at the top and bottom of the quilt.  In the center red sashing is a tape that reads US Air Force.  These tapes are what are worn on an Air Force ABU uniform.    I’d forgotton how tough it was sewing those strips and uniform nametags.  I did put in a heavy duty (denim) needle in my machine before I started. You can hardly get a straight pin through the strips and name tapes.  The bottom border will have two blue cornerstones, like the top.  Those cornerstones will have AIRMAN stripes (commonly referred to as Mosquito Wings).

The red block in the center of the border at the top has initials JJ; and the red block for the center of the bottom border has the 3 little airplanes that I featured in yesterdays blog.  I think after a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, I should be able to build that border and get it on.

I spoke to my friend Susan today who asked me to make this quilt.  We talked a bit about how it should be labeled.  I think between her and I we will find a way to express our sentiments.

How do you label your quilts?

We decided to go with a flannel for the back of the quilt.  The fleece I bought is barely wide enough, and not long enough.  I refused to let that fleece limit me on this quilt….I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like, and once I let “go” in my head of the fleece, the quilt came together.  (Really should have made smaller blocks…but I LOVE this pattern.  )

So; now I will be shopping for flannel this week to finish this off.  (Unfinished dimensions are 58 x 70).  What  color flannel would you use?  The recipient is a little boy, almost a year old. My brain says blue.  (I planned to use the same blue in the cornerstones to bind the quilt — but I have been playing with the leftover fabrics and thought I might piece the binding with fabrics from the piecing).  Since there are so many shades of blue in this quilt, I was thinking I would love to find a “cloud flannel”.  Must be time to shop on line before I make the journey to the quilt shops.  My friend and I decided it would be better to do some quilting vs tying this quilt.  I think I will just do basic “stitch in a ditch” around the blocks.  Thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Since I played with my embroidery machine yesterday, I have been fooling around saving free designs. More about that on another day!


Notes:  CREDITS go to Aurifi l Designer Block of the Month;  March 2013: The Boxer Block by Jeni Baker @ In Color Order (note:  For any questions email: Visit for more patterns and tutorials. Visit for more block tutorials.  © 2013 Jeni Baker, In Color Order LLC


4 thoughts on “One to go

  1. I’m glad you’re going to quilt this quilt. Especially since it’s for a little one. I’m not a fan of tied quilts, but sometimes that’s all a person knows what to do because of cost of quilting. And, since it’s for a little boy, you want to make sure it’s quilted “enough”. They will be rough on them and it will probably be washed a lot. Therefore, more quilting is better. You could echo the blocks to give it more quilting since you’re doing it yourself and not having a longarmer do it. Good luck! I do, so much, love this quilt!


    • Thank you. Good idea on the echoing. The blocks are so busy; with so many pieces in each block, I will have to study it carefully. (First I have to get that last border on though, and find the “right” flannel to back it.) My friend, Susan, did not want batting, just the cotton top and flannel or fleece, since the child lives now in Florida. Thinking “clouds” when I think of flannel for the back….might have some light blue in the stash…have to go look before I go shop.


  2. This quilt chokes me up every time you show it. I lost two uncles in WWII and proudly display their medals. But, what you are doing for this little boy is beyond any adjectives I can think of. You are like a guardian angel creating a cherished heirloom that will carry this little boy through childhood into adulthood surrounding him with love. It just doesn’t get any better than that in my book..


    • Hi Judy – It really is a pleasure to make this quilt. I worked with the friends who asked me to make it at Dover A.F.B. It really is an honor for me. We all worked in the same “career field” as the father of this little boy. While we “can’t fix what is” , I certainly can send a little love and comfort in the form of a quilt. 🙂 Thank you.


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