Airplanes and little boys

Did a little machine embroidery on some 6″ squares.  Airplanes for little boys!  These planes are about 3/4 ”  each!


Also did a 6 ” square with initials for the quilt I am making.


Got all my squares put together with sashing and posts.  The red squares above will go in the center of that blue border I have pinned on the design wall.  The cornerstones will be the same blue as the posts in my sashing.   Spent a lot more time fooling around with the embroidery machine than I had intended.


Thought I would get the border on today. But…that’s life.

My dear husband was disassembling and reassembling the swimming pool pump, in hopes we could get the pool opened up; chemicals in, and the green gloop gone.  (Why is it that some times you open a crystal clear pool, and other years…ewww…..think the frogs want to swim there today.)  Love what happens when you pour the shock in and watch any of the algae turn white; break away from the walls and float to the top!! (Sick humor I have).  We have an auto cover that we flip the switch and roll back.  The “WORMS” somehow always seem to get in the pool along the edge of that auto cover.  Gross…..   But…hey; the water is 63 degrees; the air was 81 today; and by the time the water is warm enough to get in, I should have it crystal clear and balanced.  We use BAQUICIL; a non chlorine product, and I am often challenged by the chemicals. Thank goodness our local pool store does water tests for me WHENEVER I wander in with a bottle of pool water.

Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon, the domestic chores will not get in the way and I will be able to put the borders on the quilt top.


4 thoughts on “Airplanes and little boys

    • Thanks. I love it at this stage, when all that is left on the quilt top is the borders. I need to clear off my big table and lay it out flat for some measuring before I make the final cut on the borders…(why is it all flat surfaces end up with stuff on them.????)


    • Thanks! With only a 4″ x 4″ area for embroidery, the designs that came with the machine are pretty limited. I spend this morning looking at and downloading some free designs from Brother’s website and from (You can download only 3 per week for free from embroidery, and as many as you like from Brother.)


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