Getting back to sewing! Aurifil block of the month


Do you remember this block? This is my Aurifil block of the month for March 2013.  Official name is “THE BOXER” (see notes at the bottom).   I am making a memorial quilt using this one block, with my own concept of colors and patterns.

  Well; I haven’t touched them since April 18!  I took a little trip with my sister Anne to Florida and a nice cruise for 7 days!  It was a good break from the busy life!

Well; I got back on Monday, a week ago; sewed at church with our Senior Quilters on Tuesday.  I managed to work on binding another Senior Quilt.  I put that quilt on a hanger with the binding 1/2 on, brought it home and hung it in the sewing room.  When I went to “load the car” THIS Tuesday; I realized my sewing machine was still in the roller tote (not on the desk); the quilt was still on the hanger and I had not sewn a stitch for the entire time in between Tuesdays!  What…how is that possible?  Life….(My husband thought that when I retired, I would be more efficient around the house, you know, vacuum, laundry, tidying up the garden, cooking, cleaning, etc….well…let me tell you, sewing has taken priority!  At least for several months….and the house was a wreck.  So, when I came home from a week of being waited on,  to a house full of clutter and pets etc, I thought I better do SOMETHING!)

But this week…..I have taken a vow to do some sewing.

On Monday I went for my first visit, and joined the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild.  ( ).  I attended their meeting and was warmly welcomed by Melissa, the membership chairman, and by Pat, a former president of the Guild, and fellow member at church.  Pat invited me months ago, but my Mondays were not working out.  I have them on my “retirement schedule” now!  I have been invited to participate in a “BEE” next Wednesday.  This is a smaller group within the guild and is largely made up of new guild members.  So, I think it will be a nice way to get to know some other quilters in the county, and to learn from them!

So, back to sewing!  Finished my 3rd binding job for the Senior Quilts.  We have 10 out of 14 back at church on hangers, ready to present the first Sunday in June.  Looking forward to taking some pictures of the whole collection of quilts once they are all back.

I committed yesterday to sewing from 11 am until after 10 pm, taking a few breaks (the dear husband likes dinner…..hmmmmm).  Since he was going to his own meeting in the evening, I took advantage and sewed in the evening while he was gone. Usually I stop at dinner time.

So; do you want to see some progress?  Thought so……started the day with 7 blocks done.


Takes about 45 mins to an hour per block to assemble.  (There are 33 pieces in each of the 12″ blocks)


I was thrilled to get all 12 blocks finished by the time my husband came home from work at 5.  I puttered around then, thinking how I would “set” the blocks.

My limitations on this quilt was the fleece I bought to back this quilt.  It wasn’t giving me the flexability I wanted, so I “mentally” threw the fleece out of the equation.  Then on the design wall; I started laying pieces of border and sashing to see how it would look.


I thought that since it is full of busy prints it needed something to give a place for they eye to rest, and I went with the solid red for sashing.  I was thinking red cornerstones but have changed my mind.  I am going to use the same solid blue as in the center blocks.  I will also be using the solid blue as posts in my sashing.


This was my last concept picture before I started working on the sashing……

I worked on sashing until 10 pm last night, and plan to spend most of today getting it together. I got all but 2 of my squares sashed on the left hand side of the block.  I was deliberating what my next step was, and decided  I needed to do a sashing & post review first!  I love the video’s that the Gourmet Quilter ~ SusanClaire Mayfield does!  .   Watched her tips & techniques video 054 and 101 this morning (ok, I watched about 6 others, ones I had missed while traveling).  Now….I can proceed with confidence.

Glad to be back at the sewing!!  (Already thinking past this quilt to all the UFO’s…..and the little sundresses ……and the cushions for the patio furniture……..)

Notes:  CREDITS go to Aurifi l Designer Block of the Month;  March 2013: The Boxer Block by Jeni Baker @ In Color Order (note:  For any questions email: Visit for more patterns and tutorials. Visit for more block tutorials.  © 2013 Jeni Baker, In Color Order LLC.


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