Finished and out in the sunshine


This is Pete’s quilt I repaired; spending a minute out in the sunshine, before I folded it up to return to him.

If you’ve been following along, I posted as I worked on this vintage quilt and did the repairs.  I love the way the

new fabric on the back crinkled up into the quilting! Looks like it’s been with the quilt forever, but the back is all

fresh and new, along with the blue border. Put a whole lot of hours into this, taking it apart, trying to get the original

quilt squares to “flatten out”….finally gave up and decided the really light blue squares were “bigger” than the rest, but

I was going to leave well enough alone.The cross hatching quilting helped I think.  All and all a successful repair, and a few

more decades added to the life of this quilt.

On another note, I will not be posting or reading for 10 days.  Off on a trip with my younger sister tomorrow; and

going to enjoy a little fresh air, some coffee on the fantail of the Ruby Princess, a little snorkeling and lots of relaxing.

Back to the Blog after the 30th of April.  Keep stitching, but have fun while you do it!

2 thoughts on “Finished and out in the sunshine

  1. I admire anyone who is willing to repair a quilt! I am too afraid I would do a good job of restoring the quilt. It look wonderful! Have a great time with your sister! Can’t wait to hear from you again ~


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