Binding Pete’s Quilt!


Well I managed to get it FINISHED !  Been hanging around WAY to long!!  All I had to do was take the old border and binding off; replace the border and bind.  I decided I would quilt instead of tying, which is what it was originally.  The challenge I had was that the original squares in this quilt were NOT square or even.  I had a heck of a time getting this quilt square and flat!  Did my best, but it is a VINTAGE top.  Thankfully; cross hatching the quilting worked well; as did stitching in the ditch around the borders.  Nice to check this off the list.


4 thoughts on “Binding Pete’s Quilt!

    • Karen – I am a lazy quilter….so my binding is machine stitched on the back, and pulled around to the front and stitched again. I give myself permission to do that because I see the PRO’s doing it too. (They do it so much better) When I saw Pat Sloan post the instruction, I gave myself the go-ahead to do it. I do not like to handstitch; the old fingers will not let me! I know when you finish your small quilt it will be perfect and beautiful!


    • Thanks! I love being out in the sewing room, away from all the distractions. Once I am there, I have so much fun. (Don’t tell the dust bunnies in the upstairs hall tho! They think I am on strike!)


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