A little binding; a little tying



Not a full day of sewing but  a good day in all on Monday.

I made binding for one of the quilts in our Senior Quilt project and have it about 50% sewn on.  Today was a workshop day, and I made the binding before leaving for the workshop.  I had about an hour & 1/2 before anyone else would arrive, so I managed to get it stitched to the back of the quilt.

Our Senior Quilt project is progressing.  We have 14 quilt tops made, and tied # 13 on Tuesday.  The last quilt will be tied by the children at Kids Inc, (the before & afterschool childcare program at church).  That quilt is for one of staff, who is also graduating.

I left two tied quilts at church for “willing volunteers” to take home and bind.  Since I am working on binding my second one, I decided to leave those two for someone else. Besides,  I should finish the one I am binding, before I take another one home, right?

I am feeling better about the project at church, especially since I decided to make this my last year coordinating the project.  And, since there were two people willing to take it on for next year, I can now stop feeling guilty about my decision.  (This has been a really tough year with so many quilts.)  Now I can just participate and sew and not worry about all the details!

I have lots of projects going on, and am leaving on Saturday morning for a vacation, so I want to try and finish work on some unfinished projects!

I need to finish my friend Pete’s quilt that I did the repair on.  His binding is made, I just need to trim down the edges of the batting and backing and get it DONE.  My husband usually sees him on Wednesday evenings, and maybe I can have him deliver today.

My memorial quilt still stands at 5 completed 12″ squares; 7 to go and a decision on sashing needs to be made….something solid, to give your eye a place to rest!.  I have about 8 half -square triangles to “remake” as well.  When I “squared” them up I really goofed them up, so I am going to remake them.  I love making HST, and must have been tired when I goofed those up!

Time to go sew!  Hope you have a great day stitching on this beautiful spring day.

4 thoughts on “A little binding; a little tying

  1. You are so busy and I’m glad to hear that every once in a while you have to redo something. If I stay totally focused I’m fine but if my mind wanders at all, the ripper comes out. And, I must confess I’ve been working outside a whole lot more than I have been sewing. I’m trying to balance it but it is like sewing and quilting meet my winter needs and gardening is my passion once the snow melts.


    • Oh Judy – you should see my sad gardens. I feel deadlines approaching with the quilts for “other” people, so I am trying to focus. I think once I get back from my trip the end April I will be spending LOTS of time outdoors. I must first make “covers” for the various machines, as once I go outside to play in the dirt, the quilting will come to a standstill!


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