two works in progress

Last week was a busy quilting week. On Tuesday our Senior Quilters group was to meet at church and tie two quilts. Because it was Easter Vacation, the turnout was not what I expected. It turns out, it was just me for the first hour and a half. So; I took that time to work on my own project for layering and pin basting. By the time I finished, the other person arrived and we managed to get one quilt tied. I decided we would “try again” for Friday, and I had a bit better turnout, but darn if it didn’t start out much the same way….the cell phone started ringing, the text messages came in, and again, I was there for the first hour and a half with no help. Thank goodness for a nice wide roll of masking tape!! On Friday we did get two tied, so it was progress. Considering there are 14, we have a lot of work to do. I brought one of those quilts home to bind.
We had a little “make your own” binding lesson on Thursday at my house, and I loved to show the video by the Gourmet Quilter –
Both videos are great tutorials for new quilters. Making your own binding is easy and economical, that is for sure.  By Saturday, I was  binding the quilt I had brought home (I pieced this one as well); with the purple binding I made.  Now, in the video’s the Gourmet Quilter does not press her binding or pin, but I do both, a little crazy, but it works for me. I only pin to the corner, then make my mitered turns the way she shows.

Binding Adara Ryans quilt

I was having such a good time sewing and watching quilt video’s Saturday.  I realized that Bonnie Hunter / Quiltville was going to have her QUILTCAM on at 2 pm, so I logged onto her blog – and watched live.  She has so much energy and shares so much information while she sews.

Binding Adara Ryans quilt 2

If you look at the computer monitor behind my machine, she is on screen.  Now, this is a fun way to enjoy the company of another quilter.

I was so motivated I finished the binding on the senior quilt, and put my buddy Pete’s quilt in the machine (the one I layered on Tuesday); and started to machine quilt it.

petes quilt in the machine

petes quilt in machine 2

I am cross hatching across the blocks; and I got about 1/4 of the way done.  I stopped when the power cord vibrated out of the side of the machine!

petes quilt in machine 3

I’m sure that was a sign to take the whole quilt out of the machine, straighten it all up on the table and have a good look at what I had done, and what needed to be done next (LIKE DINNER)….

So, here is where I left  it for Sunday — no sewing today because we tied 2 more quilts at church, and I brought another one home to bind.

petes quilt on the table partial

You can see the beginning of the quilting starting to leave it’s impressions. I set myself an alarm on my phone to get out to the garage and up to the sewing room and get busy by 10 am Monday.  I would really like to get this finished by the end of the week.  I figured I can work on this all day Monday (Yes, it is wash day…but I managed to get some wash finished this weekend, so it will be light loads all day!); then Tuesday morning make some binding and bind the one I brought home today. Wednesday is busy with family matters, and Thursday I have a class at Serendipity Quilt Shop. So, that leaves Friday to get this DONE!  I have my memorial quilt blocks on the design wall, waiting to be stitched , so the projects are adding up.

I do have to say, I really enjoyed the cross hatching on Pete’s quilt…..a lot of work with my little Brother machine and the 6″ throat, but I like the results….(hopefully the quilt police with the rulers and such won’t examine it….I think Pete will be pleased)

7 thoughts on “two works in progress

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve spent the last 1/2 hour looking at yours as well, and it is great. Love the little sundress you made! I’ve got two granddaughters and made a couple of dresses last spring…once my quilt projects / obligations are finished this spring, I plan to make a couple more for them.


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