WIP – Memorial Quilt – ‘the boxer’


The beginning

Well, I could not stand waiting, so I have my pattern and have cut all my fabric; built my 1/2 square triangles and pieced my parts that I could. (Note to self — skip fat quarters unless you buy 2…instead…just get 1/2 yard…because I was caught short!)

Have it all stuck to the design wall (LOVE that flannel — no pins)….thanks Aurifil for the pattern — I found it at http://auribuzz.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/aurifil-block-of-the-month-march.pdf , and thanks Jeni Baker for desigining such a cool block!

Memorial quilt

The fat quarters left me short for my 7.5″ by 1 3/4 strips on the outer edges…so, I got creative, and used some AF Blue (same blue as I used in the border on my friends repair quilt (NO — I  have NOT finished it….got distracted with this one)……

and I think, given the limitations I have with the fleece I want to use for the back, this will work for a layout. Still trying to work out the sashing; and maybe will add a border around the fleece on the back so I can work the math !!


(You can ssee I was short one piece in the center bottom and one in the upper right, but tomorrow will take care of them.  See how I solved my shortage of fabric…..I think it will work…

Now, what to do about sashing…I have some of the gold&white that I used in the strips around the inner squares…or should I go bold with more red???

My outer border fabric is the blue with words on it….


Really enjoy doing the piecework!   Now that I have all my parts sorted out, the sewing should be fun!  Of course, so many other things going on; senior quilts on Tuesday (Still have a quilt to bind…maybe in the morning) ; Cleo the dog to the vet on Wednesday; the dog groomer on  Thursday; Hair appointment on Friday….good grief, how did I get anything done before I retired?????

Oh, well; have to discipline myself and stay off the computer in the morning, and maybe I can get out to the sewing room right after breakfast and work until time for Senior Quilts!

Sew much fun!!!    🙂


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