Life gets in the way sometimes

I have not touched my sewing machine since Tuesday, a week ago.  Life really does get in the way sometimes.  I made some binding for our Senior quilts last week, and it is still in my tote.  Yesterday, our group at church (all 3 of us this week) managed to get 2 of our 14 quilts , tied.  Now, I have one in the backseat, I brought home, waiting to be bound.  Not today tho….Life gets in the way!

My husbands ex wife (they were married 26+ years) passed away last month; and her parents are beside themselves with grief.  We adore her mom and dad, so naturally, doing everything possible to help.  Saturday and Monday, I spent time cleaning out dresser drawers and closets; bagging up the clothing to take to a charity drop off.  15 bags, and the closet still is full. Such a situation her parents were not prepared for.  The bagging of clothes, the sorting of momento’s, the hugging of two 80+ year old people who have lost their daughter….They don’t have a clue what to do with the household effects, and kept sending things home with my husband and myself.  We finally had to rent a truck to bring home the family heirlooms.  They honestly don’t have any idea where to put the things, or what to do with them. Fortunately, we have a big, giant garage, with the full upstairs……so it looks like an antique store/storage locker.

Among the items, we are storing, there is an treadle sewing machine, and a heavy duty old singer (my husband and his former father in law put an industrial motor on it YEARS ago, and built a great table); and lots of fabric and crafting supplies.  One closet we opened had a full bolt of 90″ wide muslin for backing quilts. So; my sewing room is a mess with all the “stuff” that has come home with us, and will need several days of sorting before I can get back to my own projects! 

Meanwhile, the rottweiler, Cleo, we also acquired, has settled into life here. She is an old girl, and spends most of the day sleeping in her crate, with the door open.  Our 3 cats are getting braver, the two kittens are back to their usual romping and stomping through the house. Old Mamma Cat, not so much, but she did come down from upstairs, and is keeping a close watch from the laundry room! 

I’ve missed several days of “work” around the house, so today, I hope to be home all day; catching up on the laundry, and the paperwork that accumulates. Tax time is right around the corner, and I hope to get a start with that too! Oh; and make the appointments my husband needs made, hotel reservations for his business travel and on and on! (I’d much rather be reading blogs and watching quilt videos and sewing I think than do our tax return!).

I sure can’t wait to get though this week, with the memorial service finally this weekend. My poor husband has lost two people he cared for very much this month and I want this month to be finished. 

Can’t delay the chores any longer….Go sew on my behalf and have some fun!


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