Lancaster Quilt Show, contests etc.

Had a lovely time yesterday at the AQS quilt show in Lancaster PA.

Didn’t take any photo’s myself; too busy looking at all the lovely quilts on display and visiting the vendors.  I have a link below to the AQS website with a slide show of the winning quilts.

I did a little playing around with a couple of long arm machines, entered (again) to win the GEORGE machine; (  and watched as my travel companion played with several JANOME machines. Drooled over all the lovely machines being shown, thinking I need to enjoy the ones I have before I buy anything new!

Only bought a couple of things; one new spool of YLI varigated purple thread; and then an ironing board cover that is rectangular, and a “shoe” for the iron.  (My plan is to build a rectangular ironing station).  The gal doing the demo was good, but I had already decided I would buy the cover as I stopped at the booth intentionally.  The ironing board cover is by a company called BO-NASH;(  it is self adhesive and 65×29″. No strings; no elastic; peel and stick. Ok; that was cool; and it is big…..but the neat thing WAS the demo. With the “shoe for the iron” and this cover on your board, nothing “sticks” and you aren’t going to melt a delicate fabric, and you can put a nice crease in a piece of wool.  She demo’d ironing through 4 layers of cotton at once….and it was pretty neat. It is your typical reflective ironing board, and she demo’d melting a piece of plastic trash bag with the  iron.  After it cooled on the board, it just peeled off.  The other interesting thing was if you use starch when pressing you just use a sponge with a scrubby side and give it a little “brushing”  to loosen any starch that stuck, and it will flake right off, and no build up on your board.  I really liked the “no stick” because I do some applique work and hate pressing cloths. The “shoe” on the iron eliminates that need totally.  And, if your bonding material sticks, when it cools, it just scrapes off.  They do sell standard size board covers as well; but I want something bigger, and my Dear Hubby needs to get busy a build it.  I have the piece of 3/4″ plywood; he just has to figure out the legs for the ironing board.  The sales woman did recommend some WARM & NATURAL cotten batting (doubled)  between the board and the cover.

BACK TO THE SHOW…..commercial is over now…….. There were lots of vendors with patterns, tools and great bundles and individual pieces of fat quarters, some folks selling beautiful WIDE backing (108″); and amazing amount of vendors selling all different types of batting.  I am keeping my “vendor” list in the quilt room, so when I am looking for something specific, it may save me some time.  I did enjoy the pieces and demo’s by the “Tent makers of Cairo”. The two gentlemen really have the art of needle turn applique down to a science. Gosh they were fast.  They were chatting and stitching and seeming to have a good time.  They had a large display that was all available for purchase, and I saw lots of SOLD signs.

One product that I like was the SPIRAL EYE needle; it is a ‘side’ threading needle ( ) – great concept for aging eyes!  I played with an “accuquilt cutter”; that was fun. if you were wanting to cut hexi’s; you would want the “baby” and you could cut a lot.  (Also entered a contest to win one!). So, all in all, it was a lovely drive; worth the 3 hour drive each way. NEXT YEAR….I am getting a hotel; so I can stay longer and hit some of the fabric stores in the area.  My travel companion was in her 80’s and she didn’t have a lot of stamina for the amount of walking, but she certainly enjoyed herself, stocking up on more quilting books and patterns!  All in all; a very good day ~!!~


One thought on “Lancaster Quilt Show, contests etc.

  1. Wow – what a day you had. I loved looking at all the quilts, but Grandma is Coming blew me away. Whoever invented that needle was a genius. Wish I could have seen those Janomes because I’ve been looking on line at some.


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