Which magazine ?

How do you choose a QUILT magazine to subscribe to or buy at your local quilt shop?

I see so many on the stands at JoAnn’s & Hancock Fabrics, I get overwhelmed.  So, looking for input from bloggers and wondering what YOU pick and why.  With limited resources, I want to spend wisely.  So many of the quilters I follow on line are associated with magazines, and it is hard to choose. 

Thanks for your input!


9 thoughts on “Which magazine ?

  1. What a good problem to have! You might buy one each month off the rack and see if there is one that you like best? And if you do subscribe you can always change course next year as your abilities and interests grow and change.


  2. It is a dilemma as I always want to take them all home because I’m afraid to miss out on something good. However I do agree with Melody that you can subscribe for one year and change for another next time. Good luck with making your decision. Do let us know which magazine you decide on.


  3. I like McCall’s Quick quilts. I am new to quilting and I like the look of that one. I also subscribe to lots of quilting notion catalogs. That is a great for inspiration and helps me learn about color combinations. Good luck.


  4. Well, we don’t have a huge choice here in the UK so my daughter bought me a digital subscription of an American magazine for Christmas. Great magazine, no shipping costs 🙂 Good luck with your choice. Avis x


  5. Thanks everyone for the input. I like the “digital” idea, because you have no clutter; but I do like to browse, turn pages etc. I got something from McCalls today in the mail; for McCall’s Quilting magazine, and will give it a try. Think that 1 year (6 issues) for $14.98 is a reasonable price, and if I don’t like it, I will try something new “next year”. 🙂


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