a little FMQ, and some stitch in the ditch


This Pattern is called ON POINT by Pat Sloan.  I started this in a class in January and previously posted some comments and photo’s.  This quilt is moving along nicely finally.  I haven’t touched it in a month, because I have been working on other projects.  I got it layered and pin basted on Tuesday, and started working on the outline stitching.


Started out by outline stitching the big blocks, stitch in the ditch along the borders and a big x in the middle. I used my walking foot to do this, and am glad I ordered a new one. I haven’t had a lot of luck using the ordinary foot for stitch in the ditch due to the thickness of the quilt and my small machine throat.

These big flowers did not lend themselves to “stitch in the ditch”; so I put the FMQ foot on, put the Queen Size Supreme Slider Free Motion Machine Quilting Mat super slider on the machine,

used the QUILT HALO ring

….. and after a little practice piece, I decided to just go for it. I switched to a varigated purple thread, so it may be hard to see. I have only done FMQ on 1 other quilt, and so I am quite the novice.

The Left side of triangles  are done, and I started working across the top.  So far, the HALO and the Super Slider Mat are really helping me.  Big improvement from my last feeble attempts.  I’ve been refreshing my skills by watching videos today; and special  thanks to the Gourmet Quilter Blog on wordpress –    http://gourmetquilterblog.wordpress.com/   or  – http://www.gourmetquilter.com/  — Susan Claire Mayfield .  She has the BEST videos full of information and instruction!!

More fun in a day or sew….

Happy Stitching!


2 thoughts on “a little FMQ, and some stitch in the ditch

  1. Thanks! I love the pattern that Pat Sloan designed, and the fabrics are lots of fun. I am a tad overwhelmed due to the size, but I will muscle through the quilting process!
    So lucky to have a chance to listen in person to Pat Sloan. I love reading her blogs and listening to her radio show on line too.


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