Home again and ready to sew!

Having spent two weeks away, visiting the grandchildren, there hasn’t been much sewing happening, so no news to post.  I have been home just over a week, and trying to get the house sorted out, deal with some future travel plans.  All the while,  support my dear husband as he deals with the loss of two people he was very close to in the past week. 

I did manage a pot of chicken and dumplings (totally awesome) last week; and the timing was perfect, I was able to take a big bowl for dinner to one of the families who lost their daughter.  There is so little you can do for someone while they are just overwhelmed with the grief and the loss. 

This week, it was back to church for our Senior Quilting project.  On Sunday, we were able to set 6 quilts out for the congregation to write messages of love and faith on.  We have 7 more to put out, 4 are ready, waiting on 3 to be turned in. We are AHEAD of my schedule so I amm happy with the production mode everyone is in. 

On Tuesday, we gathered at the church to sew for a few hours, and that was my first sewing in 2 1/2 weeks.  I managed to spray baste and pin (still not trusting only the spray) my “ON POINT” quilt.  Did a little stitching in the ditch around the outside border.  Of course, I forgot to pack my box of safety pins and one of my friends “ran home” and grabbed a giant pill bottle full of safety pins so I could continue. Sure beat me running (14 miles) home, or to Walmart and investing in more pins.   I was prepared to thread baste, but she saved me with the loan of the pins.

So, today, I suppose I will get the sewing machine out of the car, along with my ON POINT quilt, and get busy.  It is finally sunny, and beautiful outside, and I will enjoy sitting in my sewing room over the garage, looking out the big windows at the tree tops and the blue sky as I sew. 

Happy stitching!


4 thoughts on “Home again and ready to sew!

    • Thank you Judy.
      I use spray baste when I layer. I lay out the batting on top of the back of the quilt; and fold it over about 1/2 way and spray the batting; then smooth it on the quilt back; then repeat on the other side. I try really hard to just spray the batting, to avoid overspraying the furniture/rug etc. (It seems to work well. I have a big room to sew in, with ceiling fans, so ventilation is not a problem. I have used 2 or 3 different brands, and they don’t smell too bad.) Once I have the batting positioned the way I like it on the back of the quilt bottom, I lay my quilt top on top. Then, fold back sections, spray the top of the batting, and smooth the quilt top into position, folding back sections, top, bottom, left and right. The thing I like about the spray is you can reposition your layers if need be. I have used it successfully on 4 quilts. My teacher at the local quilt shop is a big fan of the sprays, and uses them on prize winning quilts, so I decided to give it a try. Being a novice machine quilter, I feel better about having pins too. Thanks for asking. Mary


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