Quilting videos

I love to learn new methods and techniques.  I am always searching on the internet for videos that I can watch to sharpen my skills or demonstrate a process that I haven’t seen; or see a process that I think is too complex for my limited skills. I get frustrated when you find a series, only to find out there is a charge.

Today I tripped over  Hey QUILTY – a Mary Fons  free video site; with about 8-10 minute videos.  Here is a link to their Episode Guide:  http://www.heyquilty.com/episodes/index.html   Hey Quilty has a lot of videos to watch.  Mary Fons also has a blog   http://www.heyquilty.com/blogs/

On the Fons & Porter website; I found a group of free videos in the “Sew Easy” section http://video.fonsandporter.com/videoscategory/sew-easy-lessons/   .  I was happy to find them as well.  I cross posted a lesson on making CIRCLE APPLIQUES to another blogger, and thought I would share it here with you:  http://video.fonsandporter.com/videos/0014_interfacing-quilted-applique/   .  Perfect circles every time.

Here on WordPress blog I found The Gourmet Quilter –  http://gourmetquilterblog.wordpress.com/   Susan Claire Mayfield gives a video lesson nearly every day.  She gives very clear instructions that even a beginning quilter could pick up and us effectively.

And of course, there is Nancy Zieman with her show Sewing with Nancy on PBS   —  http://www.wpt.org/sewingwithnancy/   What I like about Nancy’s shows is she does sewing, embroidery and quilting and you can select a link that takes you to your area of specific interest.  The shows run 25 mins or so. I’ve watched a lot of them on the embroidery aspects, and it helped me when I got my new machine.  Of course, she is sponsored by Babylock, so she has a “very” high end machine – “as she should” she says!   She has done a whole series on different pressure feet for your machine; she calls them the “high heels” of sewing.  Encouraged me to order a couple of unusual pressure feet for my machine!

I enjoy watching the videos on the computer as I work on my projects.  If you are not up for watching, but would rather LISTEN, then Pat Sloan has just the right thing !  She does a radio show every Monday, and all of her past shows are available to listen to.  Using the computer you load the show, and when it concludes, another show loads.  I found that very handy, set it and forget it.  I do have to note the date on the last program I listened to so I have a starting point for my next listening event.  http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/radio/index.html   Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of the All people  Quilt page, and you will see a “player” .  Scroll on the listings on the player to the bottom, and listen from the beginning of her shows.  These shows run 25-30 mins.

Then of course, there is always You Tube….

SEW FUN !!  Enjoy the technology that accompanies the quilting – embroidery – sewing hobby!

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