Jam up – needle plate removal…finally the Last napkin


So, I had 4 pink napkins to practice on; and managed to JAM up the new embroidery machine Friday afternoon to such extent, I had to break out TOOLS to clear up the mess. Hole in the napkin…..dug it out of the needleplate hole; shredded thread everywhere, and this was the “20 color change” design I was working on….
I could tell by the sound it was going wrong, and tried to fix it, without totally taking it all apart…EPIC FAIL….
I knew I had better just stay out of the sewing room yesterday!
So, this afternoon, following a nice 3 hours of quilting at church, I came home, got the offset screwdriver out, and took off the needle plate, dug out the glob of “flesh” thread and bits of the napkin and stablizer. All in all took me 10 minutes to gut the machine and put it back together again. Well, I am not one to give up; so grabbed the last of the cheap thin napkins and gave it a press and reloaded!

20 color changes later, success!!! Lesson in life, you can recover…but I sure would hate to ruin a nice quilt project in the process! I honestly don’t know how people make any money fiddling with embroidery on etsy….but I suppose it takes a lot more practice than I have had in the last week! But hey, I am having fun!!


1 seam from finish!

I did get the top for Senior Quilt # 004 finished!  It is all together, pressed and on a hanger, waiting for the church members to all have a chance to sign in those neutral blocks…..praying there is no more chaos with the S.Q.’ in the next two weeks, because I am going to be ‘outa town’ !


6 thoughts on “Jam up – needle plate removal…finally the Last napkin

    • Thanks! I could not agree more about thread jams. The lesson for me was to really listen to the machine, because there was definately a “change in sound” .
      The senior quilt colors were fun to pick this year. We went with the teals, purples and pinks for the girls, and primary red/blue/green for the boys.


  1. Your perseverance paid off…the embroidery is very pretty. I have tried my embroidery machine, but the thread breaks tire me out!I had no idea that their was a church quilting group in the area. I’m sure your quilts are a blessing to those who receive them.


    • Pat – we meet at Reformation Lutheran Church in Milford. We have been sewing together for about 6 years; working on our Senior Quilt projects in the winter & spring, then our own projects the rest of the year. It is so much fun to sew with a group of friends. The blessing to us is really in the fellowship and giving of the quilts. I often hear stories of the journey our quilts have gone on with the graduates. They tell of sitting in the dorm, sharing faith messages, wrapping up friends who are distressed in their Senior quilt, and finding the friend relax as they read the notes of love and faith on the quilt.
      Our group gets together usually one day a week. Let me know if you want more info, you would be welcome to come “sew along” with us. I’ll be away until the 28th. Message me back if you want details.


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