Pansies, Tulips and broken needles


My first attempt yesterday at machine embroidery was a frustrating one.  I am practicing on some old cotten napkins I had, and was working on placement etc.

I figured out the placement thing, but as I was going along on my 2nd color, the deep purple, my needle broke.  That was surprising, because I had done some stitching

on Wednesday without any problem.  I went through all the trouble shooting after replacing the needle and proceeded.  A couple hundred stitches later, another broken needle..,

and then not long after; a third….by the time I dealt with the third, I had narrowed down my problem to the way the thread was coming off the spool… was somehow getting caught up on spindle..

Once I fixed that problem, I was set to finish (FINALLY) with the pansies and move on to the tulips below.



I liked this design because it was perfect for the corner of a napkin !! I got it done with no broken needles.

I was so pleased with the tulips, I started to line up my threads for the next design; with 20 thread changes…..

I saved it to work on today!  It’s good practice!!!!

7 thoughts on “Pansies, Tulips and broken needles

  1. Hello stitching Grandma. Been there, done that with the broken needles and trying to figure out why. You will occasionally have these kinds of days so don’t fret. Your design is very nice. I love doing machine embroidery.


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