On Point with borders WIP (STILL….)


On Point with borders & cornerstones

Well; It’s back up on the design wall….On top of another WIP….but just ignore that….

This pattern is by Pat Sloan.  I added borders, because that is just what I do.  So it is a Pat Sloan / Stitchinggrandma design…. 🙂

Spent the afternoon getting the last border on, then setting about to measure for the backing.  Currently it is 78″ long by 58″ wide. Nice & long for the sofa or recliner I think.  So, I worked on my backing, and am “WINCING” as I am at 59″ wide.  I KNOW it is too narrow….and am pondering what to do.    My gut reaction is to add more fabric….a secondary border…..(narrow up the first border…….)


I think that is going to be my solution tomorrow…trim the current borders down to 4″ on each side(they are currently 8″; and then a add another  7 ” border.  My lovely watery green is 42″.  Then; once it is quilted I will trim off the excess border; but at least that way; I have some room to give and take.  Now the question; since I have done the math 3 times is…which fabric???  I think I am going for one of the daisy fabrics from the front side….probably the one I used in the cornerstones.  I have enough to get it to work, and the binding, already made (sitting at the top of the table in the above photo) is from the larger daisy pattern. I really like to bring the front to the back of the quilt.  Now that I am almost ready to layer, I have to stop at the quilt shop tomorrow to get some warm and natural cotton batting.


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