Sewing gadgets

I love it when the mail carrier brings me packages!  I has several items on order from Amazon, and today I got two packages! One was Supreme Slider mat for my machine. The Amazon vendor ~~ Sew Affordable Products ~~put in a bonus for me ~ ten new machine needles.  Love getting a present  !  Saw this product used in a demo on line, and love the way it makes your machine top slick and slippery for  free motion quilting.  Check out  


My  other package had my new quarter inch foot with guide, and a new walking foot. Somehow, the original walking foot I got with my machine 6 or 7 years ago has been damaged, little parts loose and falling out, so a new one was absolutely necessary! I had seen these quarter inch w/guide feet and treated myself. My instructor at the quilt class demands accuracy, and I can see how this will be a big help.

I had to order some Inkjet Fabric Sheets to print some more photo’s of our church for the Senior Quilt Project. I plan to learn to do this process with the fabric ironed to freezer paper through the printer, but can’t seem to get freezer paper in the local supermarket. Next trip to a big town, I will go shop for freezer paper. Meanwhile, the Senior Quilt Project has to be progress and this was holding me up, so Amazon is my hero! Sure saved the gas budget and searching the big town hobby shops / fabric stores.

Now, I await my embroidery supplies…..63 colors of thread, some stabalizer…..and then the fun begins. I have a t-shirt to practice on, and have been faithfully watching PBS and You Tube videos for training!

Meanwhile, I should really do some “office work” around the house and get out to the sewing room this afternoon!  It was so cold yesterday I did not venture out, and I am waiting for my 3 little heaters to get the temperature above 60 in the room over the garage.


6 thoughts on “Sewing gadgets

  1. I’m looking forward to having some time tomorrow to HIDE out in the sewing room for a few hours and play. I have a project that needs the last border stitched (it’s already pinned on), and then I am going to layer and quilt it. There is a deadline approaching for it, so I am motivated.


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