Time to PLAY !!!

So, I won that embroidery sewing machine from Brother-sews!! It has arrived and is unboxed, and upstairs in the sewing room.  I spent the morning shopping on line on Amazon and ordered a 63 color pack of embroidery thread, some stabilizer sheets and a spool of bobbin thread. That should hold me for a while. The machine came with 4 bobbins, (two threaded already) and 3 colors of embroidery thread and 4 stabilizer sheets. So, I can play for a day or two before my Amazon order arrives!

  I’ll be happy to hear any suggestions or recommendations for folks using an embroidery machine.  One question I have is about some kind of inexpensive software that will convert a JPEG file (like a photo) to an embroidery file ( .pes).  What is the “basic” that I need to buy to do the job?  (My husband has a logo or two he would like on shirts….putting me to work already!!   :} )  Of course the machine came with about 70 built in designs and you can download embroidery designs, but I want to IMPORT my own…..thoughts????


4 thoughts on “Time to PLAY !!!

  1. Wow! Did you tell me about this? I’m thrilled for you. For my embroidery machine, to do my own designs I had to purchase a separate computer program, which was almost as expensive as the machine itself. If you send me a photo of Bill’s logos, best quality that you can get, I can see if I can get it programmed to stitch on your machine, Although I’m not 1 hundred percent positive that I can, it’s a possibility…worth a try anyway. Also, I would recommend you buy rolls of stabilizer which is generally cheaper than precut. You can’t just change a jpeg over because the machine will not likely recognize what it is you’re trying to do IMHO.


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