MAJOR prize winner – not a LEG lamp !!!



I WON !!!!

Brother-Sews was doing a 50,000 likes in 50 days on Facebook – contest ended 31 Dec 2012.  I got an email a week ago that I had won a Brother PE500 Embroidery only machine.

Today, I got the UPS tracking information and it is scheduled to arrive TODAY !! I was one of 50 people who won. Let me tell you; I kept seeing the ad’s on lots of quilting websites, so I decided to play along and LIKE the Brother-Sews Facebook page (!/BrotherSews?fref=ts ).
They are constantly running contests and real people DO win. Once I get it, you will see all of my trials of figuring it out!
My lists of projects has suddenly grown. I would love to hear from anybody that has used a Brother embroidery machine. I realize this is a very “low end” machine, but it will give me a starting point, and help me to decide if I am ready for a bigger better more expensive type machine. STILL SMILING….can’t help it!!!!


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