Today’s project Senior Quilt #002 for 2013


Senior Quilt # 002 for 2013

Sew……sew….sew…..I finally got out to the sewing room above the garage and got busy again.  It’s been so bitter cold the last couple of days, I could not bear the thought of going out to the garage.  I have 3 space heaters upstairs where my sewing area is, but it just wasn’t enough. It got up to 29 degrees today, and the sun was shining; so I got 3 or 4 hours of good sewing time in.  Managed to keep the temperature around 64, so it was tolerable.  I really would love to “connect” the house to the garage, and have a door at the top of the stairs to keep the heat in the sewing room.  It was 42 in the downstairs area of the garage, all that cold concrete…..brrrrr….

I went out to work on  my 2nd quilt for our Senior Quilt Project for 2013.  I have just 3 sections to join (2 seams) and the top will be ready for the next step.

I enjoyed watching Sewing with Nancy video’s online while I worked on my projects.  She did a show that went through all the various machine “feet” and demo’d a cool one that was a circle.  LOVED it….where you could use a regular sewing machine and do some embroidery type effects.  Between watching Nancy’s video’s and listening to Pat Sloan’s old radio podcasts, I love being out in my sewing room, working and getting inspired by the pro’s.

Sew many things to make!!!  Sew many UFO’s still waiting to be worked on!  And SEW many patterns to browse.  Tomorrow is another day to sew!


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