Fun with Aprons

Let me start by saying….it snowed 1/16″ of an inch last night and my quilting class is CANCELLED…geeeez….what to do today instead ??!!??

So, I guess after I get over the disappointment, I will go out to the garage, up to the sewing room and sew on my own.  I am working on Senior Quilt #2 (2013 edition).  I have 5 out of 8 rows together, so I will finish that. Yesterday I sewed for a couple of hours, but got cold.  The sewing room is above the garage. It’s insulated, but there is no door to close the stairs off from the garage, and even with 3 portable heaters going, I could not get it above 60 degrees.  (Hate to see the electric meter spinning)

I did get busy for a while sorting  a few photo’s and looked back at how many non-quilt things I have sewn.  I got on an APRON kick for a while; and thought I would share a few of them.  I’ve made a bunch, but these are unique.

These aprons are all “double sided”, so you can reverse them.  My big sister had the idea and I thought it would be fun.  The little brown apron was for my granddaughter and her dolly!  Loved the puppy bone buttons.  The blue for my daughter.

apron for Melody

Reverse for Melody

apron for Melody (2)

front (had to do the rick rack!!!)

cathi's apron lilac

Lilacs for Cathi. Colors reminded me of my grandma’s apron. Turns out this apron was a little big, and someday I will “take it in” for her.

Lori's apron (3)

Grandaughters apron (She loved doggies…and I could not resist!)

Lori's apron (4)

Reverse side of Granddaughters apron….pockets on both sides make it fun.

Lori's apron (5)

Dolly and little girl apron to match. (Note to self…doll stuff is tiny and not easy to sew)


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