Senior quilts over the years

This is my 5th year coordinating senior quilts.  Some years our group put together 5 or 6, other years it was 10 or more.  This year, we have 13 quilts to put together.The first year I was coordinating, I was really challenged, because, as I mentioned yesterday, I had NO idea how to cut a quilt square, didn’t own a rotary cutter or mat.  I just had a sewing machine and basic sewing tools.  I did however, have great people helping me along the way.  One thing I figured was MAYBE, just maybe somebody else would want to stitch these quilt tops if there was a little more instruction.  So, I scheduled “workshops” in the church fellowship hall, and 4 or 5 “newbies” showed up with their machines, and one long time quilter.  While Kristen was the experienced quilter, I was the organizer, and between us, we managed to get a bumper crop of quilts made, eight in total.  Kristen had a son graduating, so it was nice to have her experience both as a quilter and a parent of one of the receipients working with us “newbies”.

j batchelor finished quilt 2010

another 2010 top finished

When we were finished in the spring, Kristen offered to teach me the ways of cutting quilt squares, and I was on my way to learning another skill set.  Off to buy a rotary cutter, a mat and a SHAPECUT by June Tailor! What a tool to use when cutting upwards of 800 squares.  I love that thing. In fact, I now own three.  It was 3 years before I purchased a basic quilting ruler.  But, as most quilters know, you can never have too many gadgets or tools or rulers!

on the floor at church 2010

on the floor at church 2010

Laying out a 2010 on the living room floor
Laying out a 2010 on the living room floor

working on 2012

working on 2012


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