Follow me question

I was asked a question today by Lillian about “following” a blog on wordpress, and how to follow “my” blog. I am really new at this blogging business, so I went researching on the WORDPRESS Dashboard, in all the different categories I could drum up.
Here is what I came up with — found this on the Get Connected tutorial:

Click in the toolbar at the top of any site (you must be logged in to see it) to add new blogs to your reader (you’ll also receive email notifications of new posts). You can even follow blogs that aren’t on

So, I hope, if your log in to wordpress, you see the “follow” on the very topline in grey on my blog page.
I have also seen it in the LOWER right corner on some blogs, such as the .
Let me know please how that works out. This is a learning process for me! I think I quilt better than I blog! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Follow me question

  1. To add any blog to a reader, simply copy the URL for the main page of the blog and paste it to the place in your reader that allows you to add them. That’s it!


  2. When I clicked on “like” on one of your blogs, a little thingy popped up asking if I wanted to follow you or not…of course I did. Can you guess who this really is by the name?


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