Unfinished Projects – aka UFO’s

Good morning– I was enjoying my morning read on Facebook, and tripped over a great quilter- Pat Sloan – (whose patterns I am following in my 1st and 2nd quilt class).

Pat Sloan has lots of blogs, and this month, she is doing a “UNFINISHED project” blog. Goes on for a year, but she is giving you steps to MOTIVATE you to finish those projects. http://blog.patsloan.com/2013/01/pat-sloan-12-ufo-busting-tips-know-what-you-have-is-tip1.html

Her first set of tips has to do with ADMITTING the problem, eliminating the guilt and moving forward!!

We all have various projects in differnt stages of completion!!

Myself; right now; I have two throws that I started in the summer of 2011; the piece work is finished, but they need to be layered and quilted. I also have two tops that I did in class in November and December that need layered and quilted. Then of course, the project from last week in class, squares are all made, it is on the design wall now, and it needs to be put into rows. Then, of course, is MY senior quilt for Madi, all ten rows are made, they just need to be joined….. (GOSH: I feel like I never finish anything after writing all that!).

So; go check out Pat Sloans blog; and then break out those bins; and ziplocks and totes and inventory! Start the year off right.

I am posting photo’s later today of the UFO’s!!

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